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Second single 'THEY'RE RECORDING THIS' coming out 27th AUG

Sydney based Alt Rock newcomers The Opinion Industry have followed up their powerful debut single ‘OPINIONS’ with their second single and music video called ‘THEY’RE RECORDING THIS’.

At its core, THEY’RE RECORDING THIS is a punk anthem that borrows elements of metal and rock to ‘shout back’ at ‘the system’.

“THEY’RE RECORDING THIS is about the abrasive overreach of ‘BIG TECH’ and a complete removal of our individual right to privacy. Social Media companies, Governments, Google – all appear to have steamrolled any ethical standards they claim to have and use their customers as a commodity – the ripples of which are changing how society lives now and in the future.”

All streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music on Friday 27th August. Music video on Saturday 28th August on YouTube.

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