Brand new alt-rock three piece ‘THE OPINION INDUSTRY’ are a well-built juggernaut pushing out an energetic fusion, catchy hooks and tight musicianship comprising of Benj Axwel (vox/guitar), Cruisy (Drums) and Ben McDonough (Bass/vocals).

Having played many years in successful Australian bands like SLEIGHT OF HAND and CODE ATLANTIC, the three close and respected friends have decided to come out of hiding and make a big impression together in the new digital age with something to say. The boys are here to demonstrate that live music experience played by real people will never die and will always excite!

Less computers - more people.

Less comments - more conversation.

Less click-bait - more interaction.

The music and the themes are intense and confronting and dares you to stand your ground.

THE OPINION INDUSTRY is music for lovers and music for fighters and a new movement to experience.

Let’s play!

Sounds like: System Of A Down met up with Weezer, bumped into Incubus and started pointing fingers!